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You’ve designed a great product, let our expert community affiliates boost your sales and revenue. 

We take trust and integrity to a whole new level.

We take extra efforts to ensure you receive the best in sales and product support. Our system has in-built anti-fraud to protect sales revenue and data breach. Find something not in place? Contact our multi-channel support.

What can you sell on sellfondly?

Connect with the right customers to sell your digital product faster. Our expert community of promoters are waiting to promote and sell your product.


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We love your product and we also love compliance

If you love quality and originality, we’re your plug.  Millions of naira are lose everyday through content piracy and theft worldwide, we work hard to prevent this from happening on our platform

Quality Control

Our internal product quality control ensures products meet our core quality certification before listing.


Never lose your hard work to fraudsters. We're constantly monitoring your products performance to ensure what's yours stay yours

Vendor verification

We verify vendor identity to ensure genuine profiles and compliance on our platform.

Verified payment disbursement

Everyday is a payday. We make vendor payment directly to their personal or business account upon withdrawal request

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Frequently asked questions

To become a vendor and promote your affiliate program, please register through our website. We carefully review all applications to ensure alignment with our platform guidelines.

We accept a variety of digital products, including Software, Online Course, PDFs, eBooks, Event ticket, WP Plugins. Ensure that your product complies with our content guidelines. 

Joining Sellfondly vendor programe is absolutely free.  It's a mutually beneficial partnership where you earn through affiliate sales. We only charge a commission for sale

We allow a flexible affiliate commission system. This means you can assign your desired affiliate commission rate in percentage for each of your products at the time of publishing the product on our platform. Affiliates are at liberty to choose the type of products they wish to promote based on various factors assigned.

Vendors have access to real-time analytics and tracking tools in their dashboard, allowing them to monitor visits, conversion rate, and referral earnings.

Once approved, you can upload and manage your digital products through your vendor dashboard. Follow the provided instructions for product submission.

Yes, you have the flexibility to set custom commission rates for your digital products within the guidelines of our program. Adjustments can be made in your vendor dashboard. 

Vendor payouts are typically processed through bank transfer only. Choose your preferred payment method in your Sellfondly vendor settings, 

Yes, there is a minimum sales threshold for vendor payouts. Check your vendor dashboard or contact support for specific details.

Our in-house product review term ensure a rigorous product review to ensure they meet our acceptable standard. We do no accept product that do not meet our product guideline. Please read our Vendor onboarding guideline for more information

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